Xiaomi Smart Glass: Xiaomi is working on Smart Glasses


Every day something new is coming in the world of technology. Something that we might not even have imagined five years ago. Suppose, for example, that the screen of a mobile phone could be Foldable or rotatable or suppose we weren’t surprised at first when we heard about roll-up TV screens.

The advancement of science and technology surprises us. This time another amazing discovery is being heard. Smart Glasses is coming to the market after Smartphone. Companies like Apple, Samsung, Oppo, and Vuzix have already started making smart glass.

These glasses are expected to have AR technology. The Chinese company Xiaomi started manufacturing smart glass in the same way. These glasses are expected to have AR technology. The Chinese company Xiaomi also started manufacturing smart glass.

What is Smart Glass ?

These glasses will have Augmented Reality (AR). These glasses will give virtual information. Like smartphone these glasses will have the same options as photos and videos can be seen separately. The notification from the phone can also be seen on the glasses. There will be navigation. Also, in these glasses’ music can be heard without headphone.

Xiaomi can offer phototherapy functions in its smart glasses. As a result, it will be possible to treat people suffering from mental illness and suffering from depression through these glasses. Both signals i.e., sound and visual signals can be sent through these glasses. Earlier, Xiaomi had announced Mi Air Charge. It can be used to charge any device without cable or wireless charging. That’s what the company claimed.