Xiaomi announced the RAMDISK technology. The new technology, which promises to increase the performance of mobile games, can only be used in Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra phones and only games that support the technology.

What does Xiaomi RAMDISK offer?

We can easily say that mobile games and smart phones are improving day by day. Especially recently, the RAM capacity of smartphones has reached 16 GB levels. Xiaomi also introduced a technology that will make more use of these RAM capacities to increase the gaming performance of smartphones.

The Chinese company will use a technology used for computers today for its smartphones. Xiaomi will reserve some of the RAM as virtual storage with RAMDISK technology . In this way, higher performance can be obtained from games .

To explain this performance increase more concretely; Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra uses LPDDR5 RAM and UFC 3.1 internal storage. The LPDDR5 RAM has a speed of 44 GB / s , while the read speed of UFS 3.1 is rated at 1700 MB / s and the write speed at 750 MB / s . Therefore, we can see a significant increase in performance point in a game installed on RAM.

RAMDISK technology is currently being offered to Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra users by the company . To access this technology, users; It needs to go to the ‘speed loading’ section in the ‘game center’ application and enter the ‘game trial’ mode.

The disadvantage of this Feature

In the RAMDISK feature, it is stated that if the battery is low or the device is restarted, the game installed in the RAM memory is lost. Xiaomi has also put the option to transfer the game from RAM to flash memory for this. It has not yet been announced which other models the RAMDISK technology will come to.