Vaccine Passport to facilitate EU tourism

Vaccine Passport to facilitate EU tourism

Covid vaccination is in full swing in almost every country in Europe. Many residents have taken two doses of the vaccine. The European Union (EU) is going to take special steps keeping this part in mind.

They have proposed introducing a “digital green certificate” or a “vaccine passport”. As a result, those who have been vaccinated There will be no more obstacles in their foreign tour. This initiative is for the purpose of independent and safe tourism in the situation.

For now, however, the EU is considering introducing this special passport for trips to countries within its bloc. It will contain the history of the specific person Covid. Did that person ever have coronation, Currently, whether corona negative or not, vaccinated or not, everything. Iceland, Norway and Switzerland have already declared that they agree to use the certificate. Britain, like itself, is thinking of launching a ‘vaccine passport’. They want to normalize the tourist season in the coming summer.

The EU will meet on March 25. There will be a detailed discussion on the “Vaccine Passport”. European countries want to gradually reduce corona-related restrictions, in coordination with each other.

One of the reasons for the simultaneous increase in infections in European countries is the free movement between all countries. For example, the first infections in Italy were spread by tourists. It is suspected that the first corona infection spread from a German tourist returning to China to Italy.

We want to take one step at a time, said Stella Kiriakaids, EU Commissioner for Health and Food Safety. So that the doors of Europe can be gradually opened. The situation on this continent is still very difficult.

The aim is to make travel to Europe more freely through vaccination. Iceland hopes that the “vaccine passport” will go a long way in boosting the tourism industry. They said that once the full dose of the vaccine was taken, they would no longer be barred from entering the country. Tourists do not have to endure any restrictions at the border. That means you don’t have to be tested. You don’t even have to have a quarantine.

Relying on vaccines, Europe is thinking of gradually returning to normal life in this way. “The dependence on antidotes has not yet diminished,” said Italian Health Minister Roberto Speranza. Italy temporarily suspends the Covid Oxford-AstraZeneca Chadox 1 vaccine.They said the vaccine would be resumed once the European Medical Agency agrees.

In France, Chadx 1 is currently closed. In addition, more than a dozen European countries, including Austria, Norway and Iceland, have imposed temporary bans on Chadx1. Some patients complained of side effects, such as blood clots. However, so far there is no evidence that the blood clots were due to the effects of the Chadx 1 vaccine.