US President Joe Biden gave a message to stop racism

US President Joe Biden gave a message to stop racism

In two months, 100 million people received an antidote. There was talk of success in the fight against the coronavirus. But Joe Biden, the new president of the United States, spoke of another old American virus. That is racism.

Joe Biden delivered a short but emphatic speech at Emory University on Friday after speaking with heartbroken, angry and concerned representatives of Georgia’s Asian-American community. He admitted without hesitation that violence against Asian Americans was increasing in the United States. In his words, America can no longer accept incidents of hate and racism against foreigners.

Robert A. Long, a 21-year-old white man, shot and killed eight people at three massage parlours and spas in Atlanta last week. Many protested when researchers tried to use financial anxiety and sexual addiction as reasons. That said, the incident is about more than that. Six of the dead women were Asian American women.

Many say it is based on hatred of Asian Americans and women. President Biden also said that day, the poison of this hatred has been tormenting America for a long time. Many times, one has to remain silent about all this. But to remain silent means to accept. We have to say all this. Something has to be done.

According to private sources, 3,800 cases of hate speech against residents of the Asian-American and Pacific islands were recorded last year. Incidents of physical or verbal assault, discrimination, or denial of civil rights. Social workers say that in many cases no complaints are made. The incidents continue in secret.

It was heart-breaking to hear about the loss of family members in the Atlanta massacre, President Biden said. On the question of the spread of racism, he did not even name his predecessor Donald Trump. Trump has repeatedly called it a Chinese virus because it was the first to detect a novel coronavirus infection in China.

Last year, Trump faced strong opposition. Biden said that day, everything you say has to have consequences. It is a coronavirus. That is the last word.