US Administration blacklisted 9 more Chinese companies including Xiaomi


With less than a week remaining in the White House, the Trump administration’s decision has already sparked controversy. Diplomats say his move could be an obstacle to Beijing’s good relations with the Joe Biden government. The Trump administration has banned Chinese state agencies, the country’s Communist Party, and military officials from entering the United States.

The country’s oil company, China National Offshore Oil Corporation, has also been banned from doing business with any US company or business. In addition, the Pentagon has imposed sanctions on nine other Chinese companies. Notable among these are Aircraft manufacturer Comac and Mobile phone maker Xiaomi Corp. Allegedly, they have direct links with the Chinese army. The Trump administration has instructed all US companies that have invested in those companies to cut all business ties before November 11, 2021.

The Chinese companies have not yet responded. However, the Chinese embassy said the United States aims to seize foreign companies for the sake of national security by abusing its power. However, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has claimed that Chinese aggression in the South China Sea is violating the sovereignty of several South Asian countries. Such a move against China is to convey the message of being by their side.

Previously, the United States had planned to impose sanctions on Chinese companies such as Alibaba, Densant and Baidu. However, it was canceled at the last moment. At the moment, Advanced Micro-Fabrication Equipment Inc., Luokang Technology Corp., Beijing Zhongguancan Development Investment Center, Guoin Semiconductor Corp., Grand China Air Co. Ltd. and Global Tonecomnion are listed.