Turkish TV preacher Adnan Oktar sentenced to 1,075 years for sex crimes


I have a thousand girlfriends, said Adnan Oktar, a Muslim cleric, showing off in front of the court. But the court did not agree to listen to him in the end. A 64-year-old popular cleric, Oktar has been sentenced to 1,075 years in prison by a court on a number of charges, including sexual exploitation of women.

Oktar’s organization was long ago identified as a criminal group by the Turkish administration. In 2018, police arrested Oktar and several other leaders of the group. According to police, women were considered ‘pets’ in Oktar’s reactionary thinking.

He was not seen alone on television; he was always surrounded by women everywhere. Adnan Oktar claimed, The goal is to spread love in his life. There is endless love in his heart.

The police arrest the head of such an organization two years ago. Then 236 suspects were added to the case, of which 78 were arrested by the police. Oktar has been involved in multiple sexual activities since 1990. But since 2011 more than multiple case has been filed in his name.

One woman said Oktar had brutally sexually assaulted her in the name of preaching. Subsequently, the police searched Akhter’s home and found 69,000 contraceptives. Adnan Oktar forced his followers to eat those contraceptives.