The state of emergency has been declared in Washington for the next 15 days


The state of emergency has been declared in Washington for the next 15 days due to the unprecedented violence. Following the provocative remarks of the outgoing US President Donald Trump on Wednesday, his followers stormed the US Capitol.

The Washington police were not prepared for this unfortunate incident. The protesters blew up the capital like floodwaters. A fire burns in the courtyard of the United States Congress building. Violent Trump supporters were seen breaking the security cordon and climbing the building

Four people have already died. 52 people have been arrested in the violence. Senators have called for the impeachment of US President Donald Trump. Paul Irving, a security official at the Capitol Building, said a group of trump protesters broke the building’s security cordon. Trump’s name on their flag and they chanted Trump’s victory slogan. They enter inside and broke everything. Then Troops were sent to handle the situation.

According to the source, members of the United States Congress hide in an underground tunnel in a panic. Washington DC Mayor Muriel Bowser announced a 15-day state of emergency in a Twitter message on Thursday. He said that the state of emergency would continue until further notice.

Donald Trump’s social media accounts, including Facebook and Twitter, have been temporarily shut down following the violence in Washington. He will not be able to post anything on FB or Instagram for the next 24 hours. His Twitter account is currently closed. It’s an emergency, said Guy Rosen, Facebook’s vice president. So, we made an emergency decision. We think this will calm the situation. The possibility of further disturbance will be reduced.

Former US President Barack Obama has pointed fingers at Donald Trump for the entire incident. From the beginning, Trump did not want to accept the results of the presidential election. He accused the opposition of rigging votes, describing himself as the real winner. Opponents allege, Trump has accused the election of rigging day after day without any evidence. This is why his supporters run riot inside Capitol.

We’re not going back, Trump said at a rally on Wednesday. U.S. media say, Then Trump supporters took to the streets. Trump later told his supporters on Twitter to calm down and Shared a short video, he wrote, ‘Go back home.’ But at that time situation goes out of control.

Outgoing VP Mike Pence was also present at the meeting of the US Congress at the Capitol Building. Mike Pence got out of there after the attack. Protests by Trump supporters sparked a heated debate among senators.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said there has been trouble with the presidential election since the beginning. But what is happening now is an insult to democracy. This McConnell is known to be close to Trump. He also thinks that today’s incident has exceeded the tolerance limit.

Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer strongly condemned the incident, everything is being persuaded by Trump. A group of protesters are determined to destroy democracy through a plot.