The selection process will be change for US H-1B Visa applicants


The selection process will be change for H-1B visa applicants. The US administration announced the decision on Thursday. From now on, applicants will be given preference over ‘efficiency’ and ‘salary structure’ rather than being given H-1B visas through lottery.

According to the US administration, the final policy on the H-1B visa will be published in the Federal Register on January 8. The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) says the change is intended to protect the economic interests of American workers. At the same time, the department said its goal is to achieve the goal of allowing US agencies to hire only skilled abroad workers through the new visa policy.

The United States issues an average of 75,000 H-1B visas each year. Apart from foreign workers, there are also students interested in higher education in American universities. After 3 years this visa can be renewed. Information technology workers from many countries, like India and China came to the US with H-1B visas.

However, according to the USCIS, US business and IT companies are not getting the benefits of hiring workers through these visas. To survive in the world’s competitive market and achieve their business goals, USCIS officials believe that those companies need to hire highly skilled workers.

USCIS Deputy Director of Policy, Joseph Edlow said, Commercial firms have not been able to take full advantage of hiring using H-1B visas. Companies have hired low-level workers through these visas to reduce business costs.

However, he acknowledged that there was a gap in the current H-1B visa policy.According to Joseph, Currently, in the process of selecting workers through H-1B visas, companies have not been able to recruit qualified workers with the help of these visas. As a result, low-paid foreigners have been hired instead of American workers.

Apart from the profits of American companies in the whole system, it has also become an obstacle in the employment of the citizens of that country. In this context, on November 2 of last year, the Department of Homeland Security issued a notice proposing changes to the H-1B visa policy. USCIS said it has since decided to publish the proposed rules. Applications for the H-1B visa will start filling up from April 1.