The rotation speed of the Earth Increases


The length of the day is decreasing as the rotation speed of the earth increases. Astronomers have recently reported that the Earth’s speed is at its highest at this time in the last 50 years. Scientists say that over the past few decades, the Earth has taken more than 24 hours to rotate on its own axis.

Scientists estimate that in 2021, the Earth will revolve around the Sun in less than 24 hours as it rotates on its axis. However, since June 2019, the Earth’s rotation ended in less than 0.5 milliseconds. This has reduced the length of the day.

Earlier, on July 5, 2005, the length of the day was the shortest. In 2020, however, that record was broken more than once. July 19, 2019 is still the shortest day ever. Scientists claim that in 2021, this speed will be faster. In other words, this blue planet will take less time to rotate on its own axis. The 2019 record will be broken.