The luxury segment appears to have pushed the consumer’s demand for authenticity to extreme levels. Various brands have begun to launch products that are far from the glamor and perfection that characterized this industry for decades and the latest example in this regard is signed by Ralph Lauren.

The big fashion houses seem to have a fascination for clothes that seem worn and used , which are accompanied by a label that indicates hundreds or thousands of dollars as a price.

The American fashion brand Ralph Lauren brand has just launched a garment that has been criticized for its appearance and high.

The American fashion brand has launched for sale a jumpsuit for men with a surprising appearance: the piece of clothing, in navy blue, destined to conquer the hearts of ‘fashionistas’.

According to the Ralph Lauren website , the blue denim piece is made from Japanese cotton with the reverse side facing out, plus utility pockets and a “paint splatter” decoration , which costs $ 695 USD.

However, This is not the first time that a clothing company has surprised consumers with similar items at high prices. Thus, the prestigious Italian brand Gucci also presented in its new men’s collection, for the autumn-winter 2020 season, a jumpsuit with a worn appearance and stains reminiscent of those left by the grass, at a price of $ 1,400 USD.

The luxury goods brand also launched an orange and beige checked men’s dress as part of its fall-winter 2020 collection. The intention is to break with “toxic stereotypes.” Its price: $ 2,600.

The characteristics of the garment as well as its high price have made it a focus of criticism, where users claim that the brand “thinks they are stupid” to pay so much for a product that has nothing spectacular and that can be “created by own users ā€¯paying a much lower amount.