In 2017, Apple presented its iPhone X introducing a new design for its line of smartphones . By leaving a large place on the screen, the brand chose to remove the traditional home button and the Touch ID authentication device disappeared in favor of Face ID facial recognition. However to accommodate the front photo module, Apple had chosen to cut the screen with an upper notch – the notch . And the latter is not a priori ready to disappear.

The notch principle had previously been used on Android smartphones having opted for a large touchscreen long before Apple. If the removal of the traditional button offers a larger screen in a more compact chassis, the notch affects the immersive side, especially when playing video.

The iPhone 12 will be unveiled at a conference scheduled for October 13 by Apple. The famous notch will also be part of the celebration.

The iPhone 12 is about to emerge from the shadows and the question that keeps coming up concerns its design. Will the appearance of the iPhone 12 change?

Android smartphones quickly got rid of the notch and turned to punch-hole screens. We hoped that Apple was also ready to take the plunge and that the iPhone 12 would proudly sport a perforated panel.

The serial leaker IceUniverse has showered our hopes with a single Tweet. The huge notch that has dressed the iPhone screen for about three years remains. The iPhone 12 range remains true to the notch.

Apple is the champion of profitability and it is not going to throw in the trash a facial recognition system that must have cost it dearly to develop to give in to the fashion sirens.

Face ID needs room to express itself and the notch is its natural habitat. A cutout in the slab would not accommodate Face ID. Apple is not yet ready to part with it in favor of a facial recognition tool like those used on Android smartphones.

Don’t expect more change in 2021. The notch is resisting. It will also be found on the iPhone 13.

IceUniverse tells us all the same that it will be a little less visible. Apple will halve its height.

You will probably have to wait until the iPhone 14 for the notch to give way to the camera under the screen.