Skoda developed an application that will record the sounds of the car and will be able to determine the mechanical problems it has.

The Czech company Skoda , shared the details of a mobile application managed through smartphones, and with which it is intended to easily detect mechanical problems in vehicles. The research promises an accuracy of more than 90%.

The operation of the application called Sound Analyzer, is given from an audio recording while the car is in motion and then compares the recording with the stored sound patterns, between which coincidences will be measured to detect faults.

So far Skoda has tested its new invention in 14 countries since June, including Germany, Russia, France and Austria. More than 240 concessionaires participate in the project, those who are delivering audios so that the software increasingly refines its aim.

AI To Diagnose Faults

Promising over 90% accuracy , the Sound Analyzer app can recognize ten different sound patterns , including the steering system, air conditioning compressor, and DSG gearbox clutches.

Specifically, the system converts the recorded audio into a spectrogram that visually represents the acoustic signals, at which point the artificial intelligence function compares the file with the stored recordings to determine the faults and how to solve them. 

The goal with this project according to Skoda is to improve the efficiency of vehicle maintenance and reduce the time spent in the workshop for repairs. This performance and effectiveness would also be reflected in customer satisfaction.

Regarding when this technology would be implemented, the brand hinted that it could be applied to future models , with the installation of special sensors that detect breakdowns.