Saudi Arabia says only those vaccinated against covid-19 to be allowed for the Hajj 2021

Hajj 2021

The Saudi Arabian government has made the covid vaccine mandatory for Hajj pilgrims 2021. The same rule applies to benefactors from all over the world. The country’s government has recently issued a guideline in this regard.

According to the guidelines, only those who have been vaccinated will be allowed to Hajj. The Health Minister of Saudi Arabia says that they are ready to provide all types of health services to pilgrims coming to Mecca-Medina.

Hajj in July this year. However, with Corona in mind, the Saudi government has not yet decided how many people around the world will be allowed to the Hajj. Last year, only Saudi citizens and foreigners living in that country were allowed to perform Hajj. Due to the corona, no one from outside the country was allowed to enter Saudi Arabia for the Hajj.

Umrah has been closed since March of last year. It started again on October 4. As of January this year, about 1.9 million people have taken part in Umrah in the past year, according to the Saudi Hajj and Umrah Management Office.

Around 2 million people from different countries go for Hajj every year. But the number will not be announced yet. Last month, Saudi Arabia banned flights to 20 countries.

This prohibition is due to an increase in new corona infections. The list includes India, US, Pakistan, UK, Italy, Portugal, France, Sweden, Germany, Ireland, Switzerland, Brazil and Japan. When will this temporary ban be lifted nothing has been said yet.