Saudi Arabia is building a ‘City Of The Future’ there will be no cars, no roads


No car, no road.  As usual there will be no pollution. Saudi Arabia is going to build such a city. The announcement on Sunday by Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman aroused worldwide interest in the city.

The city will cover an area of approximately 26,500 square kilometers. In 2017, the Saudi government announced the ‘Neom’ project. It was in this project that the creation of the new city was announced. But due to various complications, that project has not started yet.

However, construction work is commencing at this time. Saudi prince Salman has announced that the “City of the Future” will be built on the Red Sea coast in north-western Saudi Arabia under the Neom project. There will be no vehicles, no roads and no carbon emissions in the city, he said.

The city has been named ‘The Line’. We need to think about the future rather than the traditional city, Saudi prince said. And keeping that future in mind, the idea is to create a pollution-free city. Construction is set to begin in March, the Saudi prince said. But the question is how people travel without a car. That is not yet clear.

However, it has been reported that it will not take more than 20 minutes to travel from one end of the city to the other. The use of artificial intelligence will play a very important role in this city. The city will generate 100 percent pollution-free electricity, which will give the city a healthier environment.