Russia tried to defeat Biden, US intelligence Reports

His chemistry with former President Donald Trump was good. But did Russian President Vladimir Putin think that Moscow-Washington relations would collapse so soon after the reorganization of the White House?

After 2016 Russia has been accused of manipulating the US 2020 presidential elections. The Russian government of Vladimir Putin has been accused of trying to overthrow Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton in 2016. Putin was again accused of the same. US intelligence has claimed that Putin and his officials wanted to defeat Joe Biden by influencing the presidential elections.

That is what US intelligence has claimed in a report on Tuesday. However, the Joe Biden government has not commented on the matter. Russian Government also has not commented on the matter.

A report by the US National Intelligence Council on Tuesday states that Russia tried to smear corruption on Democrat candidate Joe Biden’s son before last year’s election, with Donald Trump’s close associates, in order to tarnish Biden’s image. Detectives also claim that former President Trump had support for everything. Although according to detectives, “Russia’s cyber world does not seem to have a strong role to play in dismantling the 2020 electoral infrastructure like in the 2016 election.”

According to the report, Putin and his associates tried to make misleading accusations against Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, about his business connections in Ukraine. Although the allegations were unfounded, the Russian government was trying to tarnish Biden’s image to the American public.

In our view, in the 2020 election, President Putin, as well as the Russian government, approved the operation, the report said. The goal was to discredit Biden and the Democratic Party in the presidential elections, support Trump, undermine public confidence in the electoral process, as well as create socioeconomic divisions in the United States.

The names of Trump’s personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani, have come to the attention of detectives, although it has not been revealed which people close to Trump were involved in the Russian effort. The report also mentions the names of some people who are not US citizens. Detectives claim that one of them was a member of the Ukrainian legislature, Andrew Decker.

U.S. intelligence also claims that Andrew Decker had good contacts with Russian officials and his country’s spies. They also said that an influential Russian agent named Konstantin Kilimnik was involved.

According to US intelligence, Rudi had contacts with Russian agents. And before the election, Biden’s son tried to lure Hunter into a scandal through one of his businesses in Ukraine. Detectives believe that if Rudy had been successful in that effort, it would have been an obstacle to victory for the Democrats and Biden.