Prime Minister Narendra Modi Visit Three Cities for checking Covid-19 Vaccine Progress


On Saturday, the Prime Minister personally oversaw the progress of the corona Vaccine of three companies in three cities. This time, Narendra Modi held a virtual meeting with three other vaccine companies in the country on Monday. He praised the scientists of the three organizations and sought his advice. Apart from this, the Prime Minister also inquired about the progress of vaccine preparation of these three organizations.

The Prime Minister first visited the manufacturing unit of Zaidas Cadila Healthcare in Ahmedabad on Saturday. He then went to Hyderabad to see the process of making vaccines for Bharat Biotech. Finally go to Pune. He investigated the progress of the Serum Institute there. Scientists from all three companies also reviewed the vaccine with officials.

On Monday, however, the Prime Minister held a virtual meeting. During the meeting with officials of Genova Biopharmaceuticals in Pune and Biological E Limited and Dr Reddy’s Lab, two Hyderabad-based companies, Modi inquired about the progress of the vaccine. According to the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO), the Prime Minister is fascinated by the way in which scientists from the three organizations have jumped into making vaccines. On the other hand, the PMO also sought advice from the three agencies on the entire management of vaccination.

There is a worldwide unwritten competition for the coronavirus vaccine coming into the market before any country or any organization. Scientists are also uniting day and night. Just as many foreign companies have entered into agreements with Indian pharmaceutical companies, many companies are also working independently in India to develop the vaccine. Although the news that the vaccine is coming to the market is spread through various media almost every day, the exact date of the vaccine is still clear. In this situation, experts believe that the Prime Minister’s activities are very important.

The way the Prime Minister is inquiring about Rastapurava, efforts are being made to make it available to the general public as soon as any vaccine is approved. A few days ago the Prime Minister had a meeting with the Chief Ministers. As soon as the coronavirus vaccine arrives, Narendra Modi has instructed that people should have all the infrastructure and preparations to ensure its distribution, storage and distribution. State governments have also set up task forces up to the block level.

That is, all the preparation phase. Now just waiting for Vaccine approval.