Outgoing US President Donald Trump wants to build his own social platform


Outgoing US President Donald Trump did not give up despite the fact that his personal Twitter account was closed forever. Outgoing US President Donald Trump said, this time he will create his own social platform. The accusations against the outgoing president came after Trump supporters attacked the Capitol building in Washington DC. Trump delivered a controversial message to his supporters gathered in Washington before the Capitol attack.

Allegedly, Trump’s speech fueled his supporters for the Capitol violence. Furthermore, he continued to make multiple provocative comments on Twitter after the attack. On the official Twitter account of the president of the United States, he downplayed Joe Biden’s victory in the election and called the attackers “great patriots.” He also tweeted; we will not remain silent. Twitter then deleted the tweet. In addition, Twitter imposed a 12-hour ban on Trump for allegedly fueling the violence.

In a video message on Twitter, Trump called for a peaceful transfer of power after the sanctions were lifted. Twitter imposed a lifetime ban on the use of Trump’s personal account on Saturday. Twitter authorities said, after scrutinizing Donald Trump’s recent tweets, it has been decided to close his personal account forever. After this tweet, Trump’s personal account was completely closed in front of 90 million followers. Although his account as President of the United States has not yet closed.