In this space adventure, the actor will have the director Doug Liman and the collaboration of Elon Musk, founder of Space X, as well as NASA

Tom Cruise is one of the emblematic actors of Hollywood cinema and the target of controversy for his religious beliefs and the protagonist of one of the most beloved action sagas in cinema, ‘Mission Impossible’ .

Tom Cruise, 58, is about to meet his next goal, the actor will travel to outer space in October next year, which confirms that Cruise’s plans to shoot his new movie in the extreme conditions of outer space will be made. reality.

Earlier this year, it was revealed that Tom Cruise was working alongside mogul Elon Musk and NASA to shoot a new movie in outer space and in conditions that any astronaut could face.

The news caused surprise and curiosity, although nothing seemed to indicate that it was a plausible project in the medium term.

However, the protagonist of the film ‘Edge of Tomorrow’ continued in talks with Musk’s SpaceX program , as well as with NASA, to consolidate what appears to be a large-scale project as yet untitled, which would lead him to film in outer space and in extreme conditions.

Finally, the news has been confirmed on the official Space Shuttle Almanac Twitter ; that covers all the stories related to space, spread and gave weight to the news in development.

The Hollywood actor’s project has been approved by all parties involved, that is, by SpaceX and NASA.