New legislation in United States with exemption on number of Green Cards


The US Senate has passed the Fairness for High Skilled Immigration Act. It can bring a smile to the face of many other country citizens waiting for a green card in the United States.

The new law relaxes the country-based work-based green card. This is expected to reduce the long line for green cards for Indian Software engineers, Doctors or other Professionals.

In addition, 6 percent country-based visas issued to family members for immigration have increased to 15 percent. As a result, it will be easier for family members of foreigners living in the United States to travel to that country.

Senator Kevin Cramer stated in several tweets that a large part of the US workforce (many of them from other countries) was in danger before the bill was passed. They are the ones who have driven America out of the labour crisis day by day. Thousands of such software developers, doctors will guarantee this bill.

But the total number of green cards issued this year is not changing. Every year 0.14 million green cards are issued. remains the same.

However, the new bill imposes new restrictions on China. It said that members of the Chinese military or the Communist Party could not work anywhere in the United States.