Netflix will get cheaper in India

Netflix will get cheaper in India

In India, strong competitors like Amazon Prime, Disney+Hotstar, ALT Balaji, Zee5 are gradually gaining ground in terms of customer base. Faced with this situation, the OTT Netflix platform has devised a new plan to strengthen its position in the market. The monthly plan called ‘Mobile Plus’ used to cost 349 rupees, but will now be available at 299 rupees, authorities said.

Where the customer can view 720 pixels or high-definition images on a computer, as well as on a smartphone-tablet. However, streaming will be possible on one device at a time to customer accounts under this plan. Earlier, Netflix streaming was available on only one mobile phone at Rs 199 per month, but the picture quality was standard definition or 480p.

A statement from the company said that although the benefits of the new plan are currently being offered to selected customers under beta testing, seeing its popularity in the coming days may increase its customer range and facilities.

Authorities also said they would introduce new security measures on their platform to stop Netflix streaming using their passwords without informing anyone. Reed Hastings, co-founder and CEO of the company, said it was normal to share passwords with family and friends.

But the authorities are going to bring this new security rule so that no third party can take undue advantage of someone’s account information without anyone’s knowledge. From now on, you will be prompted for an online verification code shortly after logging in to check if an account information and password are being used on another device, which will stop streaming if you don’t enter it within the specified time.

Anyone who knows someone will be able to know this information. For strangers, unwanted messages will be sent to the corresponding device to create a new account.