NASA and HeroX announced that they will pay a small fortune to those who offer solutions for the long-term energy problem on the Moon.

If NASA wants to survive on the Moon for a long time, it will need to find an alternative power source to solar energy , as lunar nights can last more than two weeks in some cases . The agency seeks help from companies other than itself for this purpose.

NASA has formed an important partnership for this job with HeroX , a kind of social network  . Publicly funded invitation ” Watts on the Moon ” (Watt on the Moon – a word game with the question of “What’s on the Moon” – “What’s on the Moon”) and awards up to $ 5 million for those who can produce energy solutions for lunar missions says it will be presented. some time award winners will not even have to wait for the tech to be approved for a Moon trip.

The three-phase invitation first begins with creators offering solutions that can power a task with three actions. NASA will select up to three winners for each action and award $ 100,000 for each, and up to four solutions whose rival Lakin were not selected for selection will receive $ 50,000. In Phase 2, winners will be asked to develop prototypes, and up to $ 4.5 million will be awarded. If one or more companies reach phase three, they will partner with NASA to produce hardware for “working demonstration” on the Moon.

Personal participants must be citizens of the United States only, while organizations will mainly need to work outside of the United States.

It is not clear whether this application will work as intended, but it can be said that NASA has sufficient reasons to examine public-funded options. Although this technology will not be ready for the first individuals to return to the Moon (in 2024 if everything goes as planned), it can easily be said that these missions will not continue for very long if the missions and settlements cannot provide energy in long dark periods.