NASA Researchers Claim at one time there was a suitable environment for life on Mars


NASA research has come to the fore with surprising information about Mars. Analysis of data sent by NASA’s Curiosity spacecraft shows that giant dry lakes on Mars swept away about 4 billion years ago. Researcher believe Mars was once a very suitable environment for life.

NASA’s Mars rover, which went to the planet to test these dry lakes, is sending physical information about the Earth one by one. Scientists have come to the conclusion after looking at the information of that shift. This vehicle has been on Mars since November 2011. Since then, it has been sending information by examining the sediments of the planet’s primitive waters.

Based on the information, it is believed that this terrible flood water had dried up due to the impact of asteroids, resulting in intense heat on Mars. That push melted the ice and caused flooding. “For the first time, we are getting information about a ‘mega flood’ on Mars,” said Alberto G., a researcher at Cornell University in the United States. Scientists have also received information about the shift test conducted by Curiosity vehicle. Based on that, scientists say that water disappeared from Mars about 4 billion years ago.

The current layer of silt seen on Mars is carrying flood marks. The presence of a drying lake on the red planet is similar to the melting of ice and flowed on Earth about two billion years ago.

According to the study, the cause of this terrible flood is the melting of ice. A collision with an asteroid can cause ice to melt on Mars, causing flooding.