The US National Aeronautics and Space Agency (NASA) announced that during the month of October, Mars will come to the closest position to the earth, so that it will be seen from the earth at night. NASA stated that Mars could be confused with the full moon in this sky event that occurs every 15 years.

The red planet will be visible at night during the month of October and will rise to the highest position in the sky around midnight every evening. NASA , Mars will shine in the east and the west every evening before the dawn of the planet.

The closest approach to the red planet Earth will take place on October 6, and it was previously stated that it came at such a close distance in 2003. It is stated that the next closest position of Mars to Earth will occur only in 2035.


Mars will come to its closest position to Earth on October 6 (today). The next location of the red planet close to Earth will occur in 2035.

To watch Mars with the naked eye, look towards the east every evening during the month of October. The slightly reddish color of the planet will help you distinguish it from other stars.

At the same time, when you see the Moon, immediately turn your head to the upper right and you will definitely see Mars.