The space toilet to be used by astronauts who will take part in space studies was launched. Launch completed successfully.

Many systems to be used in space studies are much different than what we are used to. Although we are used to gravity and certain conditions on earth, the situation in space is much different.

Even the smallest equipment to be used in space work can be quite different and much more expensive. One of them is the toilet . A competition was previously held for the design of the toilet, which will be tested for three years.

With the launch on Friday, a $ 23 million space toilet was sent to space. This toilet will be tested by astronauts and cosmonauts at the International Space Station over the next three years .

After the tests, the new toilet will take place in the space shuttles on the journeys to the Moon. There is a reason why the machine called Universal Waste Management System (UWMS) is so expensive: It needs to be a part of the system that will make waste water drinkable again.

Jessica Meir , an astronaut from the International Space Station , made a statement on the subject, and approached the subject in a very humorous way. In his statement, the astronaut said, “When it comes to our urine in UUI, today’s coffee is tomorrow’s coffee .”

The cargo launched from the Wallops Islands in the Virginia region of the USA did not contain this expensive toilet alone. The Antares rocket also contained more than 3600 kilos of material. These ingredients include new vegetable sprouts and cancer treatment research.

Such daily life support systems are at a critical point for space missions that require minimizing waste and maximizing efficiency. Thanks to the work to be done, it is aimed to ensure that important resources such as water can be used for a long time.