In the modern world, human eyes are subject to great stress. Working at a computer, constantly using phones, bright lighting – all this has a negative impact on vision.

But you can maintain your health with vitamins. Scientists have named those that will most effectively help maintain eye health.

Vitamin A

This is essential for the visual system. Its deficiency causes night blindness, sensitivity to bright light, tearing and a drop in the immunity of the eye organs. A large supply of Vitamin A is found in orange foods: carrots, sweet potatoes, bell peppers, apricots. Fresh blueberries and young greens are also very useful.

Vitamin B

This maintains the connection between the eyes and the brain. Most of it is found in almonds, meat, liver, fish, whole grain bread, fermented milk products and cheese.

Vitamin C

This prevents eye strain. Its deficiency causes retinal atrophy, destruction of the optic nerves and weakening of the eye muscles. Vitamin C is found in lemon, orange, apple, sea buckthorn, sorrel, bell peppers, parsley and rose hips. Sauerkraut is also beneficial.

Vitamin E

This produces beta-carotene, which is responsible for the immune system of the eyes. The largest amounts are found in nuts, sunflower oil, seeds, cereals and sprouted wheat.