Mobile Seva Appstore unveiled by India govt to compete with google play store and apple app store

Mobile Seva Appstore

Google App store and Apple’s App Store are growing by leaps and bounds. And that’s where India’s need for its own app store has been felt ever since. This time India’s own app store (Mobile Seva Appstore) was launched.

To compete with the Google Play Store or Apple App Store, the local mobile service AppStore was launched. Announcing the launch of the local app store, Information and Broadcasting Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad said that the prime minister’s dream is to accelerate the “Make in India” program. Yesterday at Rajya Sabha, Ravi Shankar Prasad said that Indians download the most apps from various app stores around the world. The MobileSeva App Store has already appeared and Indians can use it from now on if they wish.

In the Rajya Sabha, Ravi Shankar Prasad further said, “Tech giants like Google and Apple have been shaking the app store market for a long time. And to counter them, Mobile Seva AppStore will be useful for Indians. Developers from different parts of the country had the opportunity to demonstrate their talents on local platforms. Around 965 mobile applications have already been launched on the MobileSeva AppStore.

Indians can download these apps from the respective websites of the state and central government as well as from the Mobile Seva AppStore. This app store has different categories according to the needs of different states, different parts of the country, so that people can download free apps according to their needs.

Ravi Shankar Prasad announced this app store on Rajya Sabha yesterday. There he said that several applications from the country will be hosted here at no cost. In addition, the Union minister has also requested that several private applications be part of the government and, above all, of the local application store.

Ravi Shankar Prasad mentioned in the Rajya Sabha that Fifty Percent of the applications from the Google Play Store are used by Indians. So, from now on, app developers from India will no longer have to rely on app stores and developers from other countries for digital access, he said.

By the way, since the third quarter of 2020, application developers and manufacturers in the country have been looking for alternatives to the Google Play Store, which is why the need for a local application store was felt more. Their main complaint was that the Google Play Store could not be operated independently.

Also, what happens if tech giants like Google or Apple suddenly close Play Store or App Store for other countries? Taking all these aspects together, tech experts think that having your own app store in India will ensure the security aspect, just as Indian app developers will not have to go to other people’s doorsteps!