Last January, Mercedes-Benz presented at CES Las Vegas 2020 a prototype Electric Car without a wheel behind the wheel inspired by the film saga ‘Avatar’ and completely futuristic.

Well, the star’s signature has now surprised by revealing on video a functional unit of the so – called Mercedes-Benz Vision AVTR Concept driving on roads closed to traffic.

No, it won’t be a mass-produced model (at least for now), but Mercedes-Benz is anticipating what its cars of the future will be like. One of the really striking aspects is the absence of the steering wheel, which is replaced by a kind of joystick located in the tunnel of the center console and which also allows the passenger to take control of the vehicle if they wish.

In addition, the car does not have traditional wheels, but some kind of spheres that allow it. also move sideways .

At Mercedes-Benz, they define this driving mode with a rather explicit name, “crab mode”: like the electric Hummer from General Motors -, which quickly evokes its great advantage in terms of driving: it improves handling in the city and that is evident when parking in line.

Now, months later, Mercedes has revealed actual driving footage of the prototype. Let’s see the video :

An exterior with fins and an interior that blends in with the driver.

No less surprising is its organic-like exterior aesthetics, as if the vehicle were alive, which becomes apparent as the car moves and its 33 bionic fins move creates a captivating scene.

All this in a car whose physiognomy is already far away. Current models, with rounded and fluid shapes to maximize aerodynamics, especially the rear.

As for the interior, the brand re-emphasizes, as it did when it introduced the static concept earlier this year, that the Vision AVTR “merges” with the driver goes beyond interacting with today’s intelligent voice assistants.

“By placing your hand on the control unit, the interior comes to life and the vehicle recognizes the driver by heart and breathes”, details the firm.

The car was designed with renewable materials , including its battery. Mercedes-Benz claims that it “uses revolutionary organic graphene cell battery technology that is completely free of rare earths and metals. “

In terms of performance, Mercedes-Benz does not provide figures in the functional unit video.

However, the concept from which it emerged announced a 476 hp (350 kW) power from four electric motors operating in unison, also tuning 700 kilometers of autonomy.