Man arrested on weapon charge near the official residence of Vice President Kamala Harris

Man arrested on weapon charge outside Vice President Kamala Harris' official residence

Washington police arrested a man with a weapon near the official residence of US Vice President Kamala Harris. Police arrested Paul Murray, a Texas resident, on Wednesday. Police in riot gear stormed a rally on Massachusetts Avenue around noon. Murray was arrested from there.

Police initially said Murray was mentally unbalanced. He sent a message to his mother before the incident. He said the US administration wanted to kill him. He is taking all possible measures to protect himself. Police recovered several weapons and ammunition from Murray’s car.

Murray has been charged under multiple sections. A case has been brought against him for possession of dangerous weapons, illegal storage of weapons and large amounts of ammunition. An AR-15 rifle and 113 rounds of ammunition were recovered from Murray. Police are also investigating whether there was a plot to attack Kamala Harris.