Joe Biden intends to nominate Indian-American Neera Tanden as a Chief Office of Management and Budget


Joe Biden created history by choosing Kamala Harris of Indian origin as the future Vice President of the country. It is rumored that two more people of Indian origin may be in his cabinet. Before entering the White House, the next president has another historic move. She is the first choice of women in charge of various departments to get the country out of this crisis. According to sources, she is going to put the responsibility of women, news, economy and communication departments on the highest part. This is the first time Biden is going to head an important US budget office, another one of Indian origin.

This was something Biden promised before coming to power. In keeping with that promise, photographs were also taken at various offices in Biden. According to sources, of Indian origin, Neera Tandon is set to head the most important office of management and budget of the White House. Neera, now chief executive of the left-leaning Center for American Progress, was once closer to Hillary Clinton.

In addition to Neera, Biden has several others on the list. The future US President is going to give Cecilia Rouse, an economist at Princeton University, the responsibility of a three-member Financial Advisory Council. In addition, Jared Bernstein and Heather Bosch are to take over as two other members. Russo is set to become the first Afro-American in American history. Biden has already named Janet Yellin as Treasury Secretary.

Another woman, Jennifer Saki, is set to take over as White House press secretary. He has a long history of being a Democrat spokesman. In addition, Kate Bedingfield will head the communications department. Kate has long been in charge of Biden’s publicity and communications. According to Democrat leader Anita Dan, “This party is very united in terms of power and different perspectives.”

Incidentally, the Indian or South Asian community is growing in importance in the US. This argument is also evident in the decision to appoint Kamala Harris as future vice president. Thereafter one representative is being appointed from that community. One reason is that people voted for the Democrats this time. As a result, Biden’s commitment to him cannot be denied. Arun Majumdar’s recent election as minister, which was published in the country’s media, makes the same argument clear. He was chosen as the representative of South Asian, especially the Asian community.