iphone 12 to get more cheaper as iphone 12 will be made in India

iphone 12 to get more cheaper as iphone 12 will be made in India

On social media, several experts are claiming that the first product launch of this year will be on the 23rd of this month. Apple authorities can bring a bunch of new gadgets including AirPods-3, updated iPad Pro, AirTags, new Apple TV to the market.

Although Apple did not open its mouth in this regard, a statement issued by Apple claimed that keeping in mind the huge customer demand in the Indian market, the authorities are starting production of 5G enabled iPhone-12 in the factories of their contract manufacturers in India.

Experts believe that if the iPhone-13 hits the market by the end of the year due to reduced demand in the world market, Apple could stop production of the iPhone-12 model. But a recent announcement by the authorities has diluted speculation. However, the rest of the Pro models of the iPhone 12 series will be imported to India as before, the company said.

In 2017, Apple started production of their phones in India through the iPhone SE model. Apple currently manufactures iPhone SE 2020, iPhone XR and iPhone 11 at the contract manufacturers factory in India.

Neel Shah, vice president and partner at Counterpoint Research, a group of marketing experts, says the Center has announced 13 integrated manufacturing incentive schemes or PLI schemes to increase export growth.

The government will provide a total incentive of Rs 1.98 lakh crore for five years under the PLI scheme in multiple sectors such as telecommunications and electronic equipment. Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently expressed hope that the PLI plan will increase India’s production by $ 52 Billion over the next five years.

Also, in this year’s budget, the government has reserved Rs 2 lakh crore for PLI schemes, where 5 percent of average production will be given as an incentive. In that case, like many other companies, Apple also wants to take advantage of this and move the product from China to India.

The move would reduce the import duty on the iPhone as well as reduce its production costs. As a result, Apple will be able to hand over the iPhone to customers at a lower price in the coming days.

Apart from this, the high demand for the iPhone-12 in the country is also one of the reasons to start its production in India, says TechArc founder Faizal Kausa. He said, Apple used to make older phone models in the country.

With the start of production of the 5G-enabled iPhone-12, there are signs that the authorities may bring production of their latest models to India in the coming days. Although it arrived in India in October 2020, Apple’s sales in the country as a whole increased by 60% during the calendar year and 100% during the festive season (October-December). Behind which the iPhone-12 model has a big role. The authorities want to increase their profits by bringing it to India.

Apple authorities have already expressed interest in assembling the iPad in India with one of their contract manufacturing companies Foxconn, Wistron and Pegatron. Which is a very promising picture.