India’s Indo-Pacific vision Vietnam is an important partner: Indian PM


Both countries are concerned about China’s overactivity at the border. China’s “expansionism” is aimed at both countries. In this context, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Vietnam Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc held a long video summit on Monday. After the summit, the two countries signed seven agreements on topics such as Défense, nuclear power and the pharmaceutical industry. A joint “Vision Document” for peace and stability has also been published.

“Vietnam is one of the important Pillar of India’s Act East policy. Vietnam is also an important partner in India’s thought and philosophy and activism towards the Indo-Pacific Ocean region. We see the relationship with Vietnam in a long-term strategic perspective. Maintaining peace, prosperity and stability in the Indo-Pacific region is a common goal of both countries. Our partnership can contribute to lasting peace throughout the region “, Indian PM said.

PM Modi referred to the joint vision document of the two heads of state and government (2021–23): “This roadmap is jointly designed for peace and prosperity in the Indo-Pacific Ocean region. It will send a strong message to the world about the depth of our relationship”. According many Experts whole world means China.

Two countries agreed to establish a system in the Indo-Pacific that recognizes envisages free, open, inclusive, rules-based region. There has also been talk of extracting oil from the South China Sea. There are various projects of Indian state-owned enterprises with Vietnam which are a major area of Chinese objection.