Since Hyundai introduced the Kona at the beginning of last year, a small SUV with an extravagant and disruptive design in terms of aesthetics, the brand of South Korean origin entered a whirlwind to modernize all its models. These days, They unveiled the Tucson 2022, his midsize sports utility, whose fourth generation decided to break the mold of everything known so far in that segment.

Almost unreal

The new Tucson looks futuristic and looks closer to a prototype than a real car. In fact, his inspiring muse was the T Concept. This is where the peculiar LED lighting comes from with five triangular modules for each headlamp, perfectly integrated into a grill that follows the same pattern.

With personality

The rear view is not far behind. The leading role also falls on the lighting, in this case a led strip that runs through the entire tailgate and from which two wedges are derived at each end. That, together with a spoiler, a colorful diffuser and well-defined style lines give it a design with its own personality.

The new Tucson will be offered in two different sizes: one 4.5 meters long – just 20 centimeters longer than the current model – and another 4.63 meters with an extended wheelbase (the SWB version). Its availability will vary according to markets.


The approach indoors is not out of place: a minimalist cabin, faithful to the idea that many physical buttons can be replaced by touch controls. Most of the controls are located in the center, under a 10.25 ā€¯screen placed like a tablet, separated from the rest of the dash.

The shift lever was replaced by buttons, following shift-by-wire transmission technology. The instrument cluster is fully digital and will even have a system that will project the image from a camera to eliminate the blind spot. In this way, Hyundai is committed to consolidating the most modern and technological midsize SUV in its entire category.

Engines breadth

It will be manufactured with 12 types of engines, including six gasoline variants, four diesel, a hybrid and a plug-in hybrid. Hyundai did not reveal the displacements, the powers or the type of traction they will equip. With regard to transmissions, there will be seven-speed dual-clutch and eight-speed automatic gearboxes with torque converter.