It will be equipped with a 3.5-liter PowerBoost twin-turbo gasoline engine in addition to an electric motor

The hybrid version of the new generation of Ford’s F-150 pickup truck, which will begin to be marketed in North America in November, will be the most powerful version of the model with 430 horsepower and a maximum torque of 772 Nm at 3,000 revolutions per minute (rpm).

The hybrid version of the F-150, America’s best-selling pickup for more than four decades and Ford’s most important vehicle, will be equipped with a 3.5-liter PowerBoost twin-turbo gasoline engine in addition to a electric motor.

The maximum torque of the 2021 F-150 Hybrid will be the highest generated by any version of the model in its history. Its towing capacity will be 12,700 pounds (5,760 kilograms) and its cargo capacity will be 2,120 pounds (961 kilograms).

The new generation of the F-150 will also be available with five other engines: 3.3 liters of gasoline generating 290 horsepower: 2.8 liters EcoBoost gasoline with 325 horsepower; 5 liter V8 gasoline with 400 horsepower; 3 liters Power Stroke diesel of 250 horses; and 3.5 liters EcoBoost of gasoline with 400 horses.

One of the main novelties of the new F-150 is the incorporation as standard equipment in all models of an electric generator, equipment that Ford has called Power Onboard, of 2.4 kilowatts that is enough to provide electricity to televisions, heaters and other equipment.

As an option, the F-150 can be equipped with a 7.2 kilowatt generator, capable of supplying 28 refrigerators.

To use the Power Onboard, the F-150 is equipped with sockets located in the cab and in the cargo area of ​​the vehicle.

Todd Eckert, Ford Group Marketing Manager, said in a statement that “the new F-150 not only tows and loads more than any other light pickup truck, but is built to exceed consumer expectations with smart innovations. that will make them more productive ”.

The F-150 pickup truck is part of Ford’s F Series, America’s best-selling family of vehicles for 38 years and the best-selling pickup for 43 years.

Last year, F-Series sales brought Ford $ 42 billion in revenue, about 27% of its revenue.

A recent study by the Boston Consulting Group indicates that US production of the F-Series truck family contributes to approximately 500,000 jobs in the country and $ 50 billion to Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

Ford has also announced that production will begin on the fully electric version of the F-150 in 2022. The vehicle will be produced at a new assembly plant that Ford will build in nearby Detroit.

The electric F-150 will be equipped with two electric motors for more horsepower, greater acceleration and towing capacity than any other F-150 on the market.

Ford has also said that the electric F-150 will be much cheaper to run than the gasoline one, noting that the cost reduction over the life of a vehicle could reach 50%.