HP announced its new notebook computers at an event it organized. Coming out with 3 new models, HP aims to appeal to consumers with different demands with its new notebook computers.

HP has launched three new models for consumers looking for a new laptop. The models, two of which are announced as the ” Specter X360 ” and one as the ” Envy X360 “, with different features, appeal to different needs.

HP Specter X360 14

The new model of Specter x360 with a screen size of 14 inches is powered by Intel’s 11th generation Tiger Lake processors. With an integrated Intel Xe GPU, the laptop seems to meet expectations in terms of performance. The device, which has a 16 percent larger touch surface compared to its predecessor, seems to offer a pleasant multimedia experience with its four speakers .

One of the most striking features of HP’s new laptop is that it has a Thunderbolt 4 port. Moreover, the company has positioned this port in a very remarkable place. Thanks to this port, users will be able to connect charging, external monitors and other peripherals to their laptops. If there is something more interesting on this laptop than the Thunderbolt 4 port, it is undoubtedly the display format. HP states that the Specter X360 14 has a 3: 2 ratio screen.

According to HP, the company’s new laptop is the smartest laptop ever made. The reason for this is that this laptop is capable of automatic detections. For example, if you put the Specter X360 14 in a bag and carry it, it prevents the laptop from getting hot and consuming battery . In addition, this laptop has an automatic color change feature. This allows automatic switching between color palettes such as DCI-P3, Adobe RGB and sRGB .

HP Specter X360 13

Another model announced by HP is the Specter X360 13. As the name suggests, the 13-inch model comes with a 4K OLED display. Just like the Specter X360 14, the computer powered by Intel’s 11th generation processors offers up to 17 hours of use on a single charge, according to HP  . Also, consumers can use this laptop with a pen. This feature is also available on the Specter X360 14 model.

HP Envy X360 13

The latest model announced by HP today is the Envy X360 13 . Like other models, this model also uses Intel’s 11th generation processors. However, HP did not mention the technical details of this laptop model too much.


HP’s announced prices for the three new notebooks are as follows:

– HP Envy X360 13: $ 949.99

– HP Specter X360 13: $ 1,199

– HP Specter X360 14: $ 1,199