Harry spoke to brother Prince William But conversation didn’t changed anything

Harry spoke to brother Prince William But Conversation didn't changed anything

Harry, the British prince, finally talks to his grandfather William to settle the internal conflict in the palace. However, the ice did not melt. Gail King, a close friend of Harry and his wife Megan Merkel, recently made this claim. A few days ago, Prince Harry and his wife Megan Markle openly discussed the reason for leaving the British palace at Oprah Winfrey’s ceremony.

In that discussion, serious accusations of racism and racism were raised against the royal family. However, the royal family did not have any shortcomings in repairing the cracks. Buckingham said in a statement within 48 hours that they were taking the case seriously. It will be investigated in a family manner.

William told reporters last Thursday that he had not spoken to his brother. However, the British royal family is not racist in any way. Harry-Megan’s best friend and media host Gayle claims he spoke to Megan earlier this week.

That’s when he found out that the two brothers had talked. Talked to Prince Charles too. However, that discussion was not fruitful. However, Harry is happy to start talking about it. Prince William’s office, Kensington Palace, had no comment. That day, Megan’s words emerged in the upper chamber of the palace.

The two brothers, William and Harry, had a relationship with their father, Prince Charles, Megan’s constant comparisons with older wife Kate, as well as serious allegations of racism and racism. A member of the royal family questioned the skin color of the daughter of a black mother and the future son of former American actress Megan. Megan was once consumed by the thought of death in the ‘suffocating’ environment of the palace.