These Gucci jeans have grass-green spots – and cost 680 euros.

Fashion giant Gucci is causing a stir with a questionable fashion decision: jeans with grass stains. The various parts (pants and overalls) have been subjected to a “special treatment”, which should give them a “stain-like, broken effect”. In other words: dirty.

Expensive organic cotton pants from Gucci

How practical that the fabric leftovers from the production of jeans are supposedly all recycled. The organic cotton trousers could easily become the it-pieces of the “Fridays for Future” movement. However, for the price you could easily plant more than 40 trees.

So it is more likely that Greta Thunberg and Co. would prefer to invest 680 euros elsewhere – and prefer to use the tried and tested free method for the grass stain look: slide their knees over the lawn.

However, if you want to look like you’ve just come back from a spontaneous soccer game, you have to pay a lot of money: The pants are offered at the stately price of 680 euros on the official Gucci website. The corresponding jeans overalls do not appear to be available in Europe at the moment, but are listed on the company’s American website for $ 1,400, the equivalent of around 1,200 euros.