Gitanjali Rao win US young scientist prize


Gitanjali Rao age only 15. At this age, this Indian-American teenager has surfaced repeatedly, with various discoveries ranging from stopping use of technology to ensuring personal safety on the net to drinking water pollution. This time she won another new title. she was named the first Kid of the Year by the famous American magazine Time.

Five thousand Participants was there. From which Geetanjali has been chosen. The latest edition of the magazine described the success of children and adolescents. Bright Gitanjali on the cover.

she has worked in this direction based on the discoveries that have been made to think closely about the subject, think about it and come up with the necessary solutions after research. Colorado resident Gitanjali said this in an interview with actress Angelina Jolie.

she wants to create a group of young researchers who will work hands-on to solve various problems in the world.