First Radish cultivation on International Space Station Photo shared by NASA


It goes without saying that there is no force of gravity in Space. This time the American space research organization NASA began to take root in that space. The International Space Station (ISS), an artificial satellite that has been orbiting the Earth for a long time, has been successful in this amazing test.

Scientists are working hard to achieve the goal of removing human settlements from the Earth to the Moon and Mars. For this, astronauts spend months in space, leaving their families behind. There they have been trying to cultivate space for a long time to get the necessary vitamins and minerals.

It has been successful in so many days through root cultivation. NASA has released a picture of a tree growing from the plant Habitat-2 in the Columbus laboratory module of ISS. It shows a green box with 20 green leaves in between different types of wires in a square shaped box.

He told that its cultivation does not take much time. Radish can be chewed raw. Again, its nutritional value is high. Therefore it was decided to do farming in space. And after a few days the roots will be dug. His samples will be sent to Earth for testing.

However, scientists said that cultivating radish in space was not an easy task. There was no way for the roots to enter the soil due to lack of gravity. Therefore a ‘pillow’ is first made of soil and seeds are buried in it. This increased the rope. In this method all trees get equal water and fertilizer.

Studies have shown that trees respond best to blue and red light. There is LED lighting like that box. More than 160 sensors are installed. Scientists are monitoring plant growth from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida. They also monitor water, fertilizer and temperature changes as needed.