First Lady Melania Trump Unveils White House 2020 Christmas Decorations


The American First Lady previously advised her husband to accept the rate. Outgoing President Donald Trump is still stubborn. In this regard, his charge of ‘vote theft’ in one case after another is being dismissed in court. Amid this constant tug of war, Trump’s wife Melania decorated the White House for the last time on the upcoming Christmas. Some light, some shine. The whole world saw the new White House organization from their video-tweet yesterday.

At the time of his departure, Melania chose the subject – ‘America the Beautiful’. In keeping with Trump’s slogan of ‘Make America Great’, the impression of nationalism is clear. From the East Room to the Rose Garden, all the hall to the outdoor porch – the first lady was decorated as she delighted with 125 volunteers. The Trump administration has repeatedly come before and after to vote on the Corona deal. Allegedly, the president did not pay attention to Corona until he was infected. His intense reluctance to wear a mask. The red rooms dominated Melania’s mind, but the first line of Corona-warriors surfaced. It looked like a hospital wrapped in snow in one corner. “This time of year is completely different,” Melania wrote in the video. Let’s all be proud of the country and celebrate. “

Joe Biden is scheduled to arrive at the White House with an oath on 20 January. What kind of festival would Christmas be before that? The White House reported several infections due to a careless crowd at a Rose Garden event just before the vote. The President’s family was also affected. However, the White House said that there would be no major gathering this time. According to sources, the list of invitees has been cut drastically. Sanitizers will be in place on the day of the ceremony. Special attention will be given to cleanliness in the entertainment of the guests. However, the outgoing president and first lady are reportedly hosting two separate parties this time. Why a different party? It has also raised questions. If so, what is the future of Trump-Melania after leaving the White House? Speculation has resumed.

At other times, more than 200 volunteers participated in decorating the White House over Christmas. This time the number was reduced keeping the infection in mind. However, there is no drawback in the organization. According to Melania’s office sources, a total of 72 Christmas trees, large and small, 1200 feet garland, 3200 lights have been arranged in the White House. A Kennedy-themed house.

The 18-foot original Christmas tree arrived at the White House from West Virginia last week at Melania’s behest. It has got a place in the Blue Room. Decorated with handicrafts made by children from different parts of the country. Fun dress in the East Room too. Plans, automobiles and ‘White House Express’ trains hang in the air.