Donald Trump’s Coronavirus Advisor Dr. Scott Atlas Resigns


US President Donald Trump’s controversial ‘special adviser’ on coronavirus, Dr. Scott Atlas ultimately resigned. Scott has no previous public health experience. He even specializes in infectious diseases. Donald Trump has sparked controversy by appointing such a doctor as a coronavirus consultant. He resigned on Monday after a four-month term.

There are several reasons for the controversy of Dr. Scott Atlas. When the entire world goes into lockdown, it is made mandatory to wear a face mask, according to World Health Organization guidelines, the US goes the other way. Despite repeated warnings from experts, Scott questioned the need for masks. He is seen to be openly opposed to wearing a mask. He remarked that even without lockdown it would not work. Instead, he advised Americans to focus on increasing immunity. America has got the result in hand. So far, 260,000 Americans have died from Corona.

America also tops in deaths from infections. In this situation, the role of this special adviser to Donald Trump began to be questioned in various quarters. He won the debate right from the beginning. The 75-year-old neuroradiologist at Stanford University did not feel the need to change his condition, even though death from Covid-19 infection was increasing day by day.

Dr. Scott Atlas Resigns resigned on Monday, 130 days after his appointment. Dr. Scott Atlas Resigns also shared his resignation letter on Twitter. In the letter, he mentioned that he focused on reducing the damage from congestion. Without naming President-elect Joe Biden, he said he expected the new coronavirus to lead the team. Congratulations in advance.

Twitter officials deleted a tweet from Atlas last October. Because, in this, this adviser to Trump underestimated the importance of face masks.

Republican President Donald Trump lost to Democrat Joe Biden in a close contest in the November 3 election. Without accepting his defeat, he filed one case after another in various provinces. He also accused of rigging the election. He claimed that he was the one who actually won the valid vote. The hand of power will change at the beginning of the new year. As a result, his temporary consultant had to be removed.