China’s New Visa Policy: Only if you take the made in china vaccine, you will be allowed to enter China

China’s New Visa Policy

China will allow foreigners to return to work. But subject to conditions. These foreigners will get clearance to enter China only if they get the corona vaccine made in China.

The Chinese embassy has already informed the governments of several countries about the new visa policy. However, the problem has occurred elsewhere. Corona vaccines made in China are not yet available in many countries due to a lack of international approval. Not in a country like India-Sri Lanka.

As a result, the question arises as to whether China wants to pave the way for the introduction of Chinese vaccines to the world market under the new policy. Foreigners working in China had to quit their jobs and return to their home countries due to the Corona epidemic. China’s new policy has given them hope. However, under the new policy, they are struggling with the strange conditions of China.

China said in a visa announcement that the new policy would take effect this week. All foreigners who want to return to China to work, for a business trip or to meet relatives must apply for a visa. They have to apply for a visa keeping this condition in mind.

The Chinese government has said it will issue visas to foreign nationals only if the new policy is based on Chinese-made vaccines. However, even after getting the visa and arriving in China, you have to stay in seclusion for three weeks.

Incidentally, China has not yet approved any foreign vaccines. The Chinese administration has relied on four home-made vaccines. They have already started supplying the vaccine to different countries.

However, in the international arena, China has not been able to win the trust of developed countries. Vaccine experts estimate that the vague results of their vaccine testing have been omitted in this regard. However, vaccines made in China have long reached countries like Indonesia and Turkey.