China is playing a more aggressive role in the Indo-Pacific region: Pentagon

The Indo-China conflict over Ladakh escalated in May last year. After 10 months of drag, the problem was solved but the competition between the two countries is still going on.

China is playing a more aggressive role in the Indo-Pacific region. The Pentagon says it is creating tensions in the region. The United States has warned China several times before.

Pacific counties have previously objected to China’s role. But it did not help much. The United States has expressed concern about the way Xi Jinping’s country is constantly trying to assert his power in the Indo-Pacific region.

Kathleen Hicks, the US Deputy Secretary of Defense, also spoke about the strained relations between China and its neighbours. Only in 2020 did China continue to have tensions with several countries, including Australia, Japan, Vietnam and the Philippines, he said. Hicks also mentions China’s conflict with India over the line of control in Ladakh.

He also warned that China’s efforts to dominate the Indo-Pacific region and neighboring countries would not be tolerated. Hicks also said that such actions by China could disturb international peace. Which is very worrying.