China is importing rice from India after three decades


India is currently tops the world in terms of rice export. And currently China tops the world in terms of rice imports. In the midst of the ongoing conflict along the Line of Actual Control (LAC), Beijing’s new government has captured rice. For the first time in three decades, China will buy rice from India. According to a source in the Union Ministry of Industry and Commerce, some Indian business entities have been tasked to export 100,000 tonnes of rice between December and February.

According to government sources, China will import rice at 300 rupees per ton, in Indian currency, for about Rs 22,125. BV Krishna Rao, president of Rice Exporters Association of Indian Rice Exporters Association, said on Wednesday, “This is the first time China is going to import rice from us. I expect the amount of rice exports to China will increase further next financial year.

Beijing typically imports 4 million tonnes of rice every year. However, Xi Jinping’s government has always been reluctant to buy rice from India. He claimed that China could buy rice from Myanmar, Vietnam, Pakistan and Thailand at a lower price than India. But in the Coronavirus period of 2020, production in those countries has decreased so much that it is not possible to export so much rice. So China is going to buy tea from India to meet domestic demand.

Since May this year, India and China are in a ‘frontal war’ along the Line of Actual Control in eastern Ladakh. The conflict ended in June. On 15 June, the PLA launched an unprovoked attack on the Indian Army in the Galwan Valley. Twenty soldiers including a colonel were killed in the skirmish. Many Chinese soldiers also lost their lives in India’s retaliation.

Beijing, however, did not give actual number of casualties. The two countries have been negotiating at diplomatic and military levels to reduce tensions. But the solution is still elusive with China’s obstinate attitude. In this situation, apart from the Chinese Army, the Indian Army is also ready for the ‘Cold War’ in Ladakh.

The Indian Army has installed state-of-the-art tents to keep soldiers at home in the freezing cold of East Ladakh. This special tent has 24-hour hot water, electricity and all kinds of facilities. Sufficient arrangements have been made by the Indian Army to ensure the efficiency of the troops deployed in Ladakh in winter. The Army statement further stated, “Smart tents have been installed for the troops deployed in Ladakh. There is electricity and water inside the tent. There is also a system to keep the tent warm. Health and transparency of the soldiers in these tents have also been taken care of.

In this situation, part of the diplomatic community thinks that this rice of China is undoubtedly important in terms of buying rice. Apart from banning hundreds of Chinese mobile apps, the government has also banned the import of various Chinese products. Whether Xi Jinping’s government wants to buy rice from India with a new message is still unclear.