China beat other developed countries in high-speed train technology


China beat other developed countries in high-speed train technology. This time China unveiled another advanced technology train. They recently tested a prototype train based on Maglev technology. The maximum speed of this train can be 620 kilometers per hour. The word “maglev” comes from the pair of words magnetic levitation.

In other words, in this technology, the train is lifted by electromagnetic force and carried forward in an almost floating state. There is no friction between the engine and the carriage with the train line. As a result, the speed can be increased a lot. The prototype of the train was built by scientists from Southwest Jiaotong University in China.

This train has no wheels. This train is floating on the railway line because it is magnetic. The 69-foot prototype was unveiled in Chengdu, China on Wednesday. Scientists hope that in the next 3 to 10 years it will get the final clearance for human use. Attempts are being made to increase the maximum speed of the train from 620 to 800 kmph per hour.