British Prime Minister Boris Johnson Announced Petrol and diesel cars banned in Britain in 2030


After only 9 years, petrol and diesel cars are about to leave UK roads. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s cabinet has already taken this decision. Johnson is set to officially announce the verdict on Wednesday.

According to British media, the government of that country is going to ban the sale and purchase of Petrol and Diesel powered cars from 2030 onwards. In fact, in the interest of controlling environmental pollution, he is about to announce his 10-point ‘Green Plan’ on this day. This is followed by the elimination of vehicles powered by biofuels a decade later.

After taking over as prime minister in July last year, Johnson became active in controlling environmental pollution. Initially, The Government of United Kingdom decided to ban petrol and diesel vehicles from 2040. But the country’s media claims that the British Prime Minister has become personally active and has extended the time limit.

Boris Johnson’s “Green Plan” aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, not just petrol and diesel-powered cars. The plan calls for reducing dependence on fossil fuels by increasing the use of nuclear, solar and wind energy at a cost of 1.2 billion euros (about Rs 1,05,790 crore). The ruling Conservative Party claims that it will create 2.5 lakh jobs in the country.

The opposition Labor Party, however, has criticized the Boris Johnson government for this move. They claim that around 84% of vehicles in the UK are powered by biofuels. The country’s economy has been hit very badly by the Covid-19. In this situation, the opposition Labor leadership alleges that Boris Johnson’s announcement will hurt the automobile industry.

Around 8% of vehicles in the UK currently run on batteries. The use of gas Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) powered vehicles is also increasing. In fact, gas-powered vehicles are on the rise in various countries in South Asia, including India and Bangladesh. CNG-powered auto commuters have become the confidence of many cities in the country.