Biden’s victory in the presidential election was approved by Congress

US President Joe Biden gave a message to stop racism

In the midst of the violence, the formality of the presidential election in America finally ended. President-elect Joe Biden received a certificate of election victory at a joint session of the two chambers of the US Congress (Senate and House of Representatives) on Thursday. The US Legislature has also officially recognized the victory of Kamala Harris as Vice President.

Outgoing President Donald Trump, the Republican candidate who lost the November 3 presidential election, has accepted the decision of the Congress. The process of handing over power has begun, he said. It will end on January 20 according to the rules. Following a long tradition, Biden will take over as the 46th President of the United States on January 20.

Biden’s Democratic Party won a majority of two Senate seats in Georgia, the upper house of the US Congress, on Wednesday. And Democrats have had a majority in the lower house of Congress since the time of Donald Trump.

Out of 538 votes cast in the Electoral College, Biden received 306 votes. But the attack on the Capitol building on Wednesday by furious Trump supporters and the deaths of four people created temporary uncertainty over the whole process. At one point, in the interest of security, the police had to remove the senators and members of the House through a secret tunnel. After some time, the situation back to normal and then the session resumed.

His opponents and the American media have accused Trump for destabilizing the situation. Ahead of the joint session of Congress, the outgoing president wrote on Twitter, Provinces want correction of irregularities and fraudulent votes. Trump even appealed to outgoing Vice President Mike Pence to stop the process of certifying Biden. But after Wednesday’s violence, the outgoing president gave the message to retreat.