Beijing hasn’t granted entry to WHO experts

Beijing hasn't granted entry to WHO experts

It is quite certain that the coronavirus first spread from there. But China is reluctant to establish that theory with scientific evidence. Beijing is also not allowing a team of corona experts from the World Health Organization (WHO) to visit the country. WHO Director General Tedros Adhanom expressed his displeasure over this. He told the Associated Press that he is very sad

The coronavirus spread from Wuhan a year ago. Since then, coronavirus has spread all over the world. But in early January, a 10-member expert team was scheduled to visit Wuhan to find out how and where the virus first spread, whether it spread from an animal or not. Although two members of the group left for China, they were not allowed to enter Beijing, the WHO said.

Expressing strong anger over this, Tedros said, today (Wednesday) we informed you that the Chinese authorities did not allow the expert team to visit China. I have contacted the top officials of Beijing and I said the mission is crucial to the WHO.

The mission is led by WHO veterinary specialist Peter Ben Embrack. Peter Ben Embrack is an expert on how a disease can spread from birds or infertile animals to other animals. He went to China in July last year to Investigate. But that was the pre-mission of the original mission

Mike Ryan, head of the WHO’s emergency department, said two members of the delegation had already left for China. But one returned because Beijing did not allow them. Another went to another country. He, we hope and trust, it is only a logistical and diplomatic problem and It will fix soon.

This situation in China, however, is not new. The Xi Jinping administration has always been obsessed with the coronavirus investigation. Outgoing US President Donald Trump has repeatedly accused China for withholding information of coronavirus.

But Beijing has sometimes claimed that the virus had spread simultaneously in multiple places, sometimes saying it was investigating the source of the virus itself. Again, the speculation increased by not allowing WHO representatives to enter their country.