The United States AMD announced the desktop CPU “Ryzen 5000” series which adopted the Zen 3 architecture on the 8th October. It will be released worldwide on November 5th.

The number of instruction executions per clock (IPC) is 19% higher than the previous generation Zen 2. Even with single thread performance, it definitely surpassed Intel, making it a more optimal processor for games.

In addition, in the past, 4 cores contained 2 blocks that use a 16MB shared cache in one die, but in Zen 3, 8 cores have a 32MB shared cache. As a result, the latency of communication between cores has been significantly reduced, achieving game performance that exceeds that of the Core i9-10900K.

Features of Zen 3 architecture. 8 Core Complex significantly reduces latency for gaming applications. The shared cache has also increased from 16MB for 4 cores to 32MB for 8 cores. IPC also improved by 19%

IPC comparison with competing processors. AMD has been slowly improving IPC during this time, but competing Intel has followed the Skylake architecture for desktop CPUs to this day, so it’s a pretty punchy slide with no IPC improvement at all. And Zen 3 surpasses the competing IPC.

The improvement of IPC was realized by accumulating various improvements such as speeding up the load store, improving the front end, Micro-op cache, branch prediction, execution engine, cache prefetch, etc.

In Zen 3, 8 cores use 32MB L3 shared cache. This doubles the L3 cache capacity that can be accessed by one core, and speeds up communication between the core and cache. Memory latency is also reduced.

Zen 4 with 5nm process is also under design.

Shadow of Tomb Raider achieves 40fps improvement compared to Ryzen 9 3900XT.

The Rytzen 9 5900X is about 16% faster than the Core i9-10900K’s single thread

Ryzen 9 5900X is faster than Core i9-10900K in almost every game except Battlefield V.

Confrontation between our 16 cores / 32 threads. Compared to Ryzen 9 3950X, creative apps and gaming are even faster. Especially in games, we have achieved a performance improvement of nearly 30%.

ModelRyzen 9 5950XRyzen 9 5900XRyzen 7 5800XRyzen 5 5600X
Core / thread16C / 32T12C / 24T8C / 16T6C / 12T
Base clock3.4GHz3.7GHz3.8GHz3.7GHz
Boost clock4.9GHz4.8GHz4.7GHz4.6GHz
L2 + L3 cache72MB70MB36MB35MB
Price$ 799$ 549$ 449$ 299