The phone, which appeared in Geekbench and claimed to be the Galaxy S30, surprised everyone with the mysterious chipset it used and the low score it received.

The Galaxy S30 (or S21) series that Samsung will introduce in 2021 will naturally be stronger than the Galaxy S20. However, according to leaked test reports, new phones may not be as fast as we expected.

A phone that appeared in Geekbench and is thought to carry the model number of the Samsung Galaxy S30 Plus, was able to score not so impressive points. Coming with 8GB of RAM, Android 11 and Exynos 2100 chipset, the device was able to get 3,060 points in multi-core and 1,038 points in a single core. At this point, let’s say that we heard the name of the Exynos 2100 for the first time and that we expect the Galaxy S30 series to actually come with the Exynos 1000 . These scores are well behind the 4,250 multi-core and 1,302 single core scores achieved in the initial tests with the Exynos 1000. Still, let’s say the scores are better than the scores of the Galaxy S20 Plus. So while there is some acceleration, it just does n’t seem as big of improvement as expected .

Of course, the scores will likely be better in the final version of the device, as the tests are conducted with hardware and software not yet completed. US residents do not have to worry about these scores, as they will probably use a version with Snapdragon 875 .

Although it is known that the Galaxy S30 series will improve cameras, many aspects are not yet known. Since the phones will be introduced in February 2021, it is actually a little early to take the rumors very seriously.