After 26 years, British PM Boris Johnson may be the chief guest on the Republic Day of the India


Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Boris Johnson is scheduled to visit India as the Chief Guest on Republic Day 2021. He was formally invited to participate in the Republic Day Parade by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Similarly, Boris Johnson has invited Prime Minister Modi for the G7 summit next year.

It is learned that he was formally invited during a phone conversation with Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 26 November. Johnson invited Modi to come to Britain for the G7 summit next year. The last time former British Prime Minister John Major visited India was on the occasion of Republic Day in 1993. This time it will be 28 years later when Boris Johnson arrives.

According to sources, the Prime Ministers of the two countries have had a very good discussion. Boris Johnson has offered India a Free Trade Agreement. At the same time, there has been talk of strong understanding between the two countries on climate change and working together on the cowardly situation.

However, New Delhi has not yet spoken directly about Boris Johnson’s India tour. However, diplomats believe that Prime Minister Modi’s thoughtful strategy is behind this. From the Indian point of view, one has to think about the future of bringing London to Delhi. Because Britain is part of the P5. There is also a strong political lobby from Mirpur to London in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (POK), which often comes in the way of the Jammu and Kashmir issue.

A spokesman for the British High Commission in India told Boris Johnson that Modi could not confirm the invitation. The Prime Minister is keen to visit India at the earliest. While the UK is hopeful of moving from Great Britain to Global Britain, Brexit on 1 January will put severe pressure on London.

This is because the European Union accounts for 47% of Britain’s total trade, 43% of UK exports and 52% of imports. Furthermore, as the United Kingdom faced uncertainty regarding trade, Joe Biden as US President expressed doubts about Brexit.